The Museum of Computer Technology is an interactive museum of computer technology located in Lviv where the visitors have the opportunity to see retro computers (mainly the makes between the beginning of the1980s and the end of the 1990s) not as exhibits, but they will be able to see them in action.

The concept of the museum presupposes: permanently working interactive exhibition of the history of computers and video games (mainly of the 80s of the 20th century), thematic interactive exhibitions of computer technology, exhibits of the industry both from the USSR (which may be of interet to foreign visitors) and Western countries highlighting the development of the IT sphere in Ukraine, especially in Lviv. This is a collaborative project of the NGO “The Laboratory of ideas”, the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and the benefactors and collectors Mykola and Halyna Shcherbyna and Volodymyr Matviichuk, who are ready to grant the university their collection comprising more than 100 exhibits, a part of which is very unique and exclusive.

According to the decree of the Academic council of the university, the Museum of Computer Technology will be located in the basement premises (282 square metres) in the building of the scientific library of the Ivan Franko national university of Lviv. The premises have a separate entrance and are centrally located. However, they are in the need of repair, which according to some preliminary calculations will comprise about 2 000 000 UAH.

For the present, the waterproofing of the second building has been conducted what the university has spent more 1,5 mln UAH on. The premises of the future museum have not been used before and are in the need of repair, namely: the installation of the screed and the floor heating (electric cauldron), wall alignment, the installation of the drop ceiling with lighting, electrical wiring, that is what we need some extra money for. The next step will be the installation of boards, the arrangement of exhibits, and later – a small reconstruction of the entrance zone.


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